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This company is ***! My first experience with them and I ordered two pairs of sale boots (priced $9.99 each) and they gave me a total of $24.93 with I clicked "place order" and they charged be 59 dollars!!!

WTF?! FALSE ADVERTISING! Companies have been SUED for less then I tried calling them...I was waiting an hour and a half and no one would answer their phone!!! Talk about HORRIBLE customer service...

I have tried e-mailing them, I am doubting I will have much luck...if they cannot correct my order you better believe I will be calling my CC company to cancel this payment... and then I will be contacting every site I know and everyone I know to warn them of this SCAM!!!!

GARBAGE!!!! So outraged.

Product or Service Mentioned: Shoedazzle Boots.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Was this ever fixed? Did they correct the charges or did you have the credit card company reverse it for you? I'm dealing with the same thing right now and I'm interested to know what happened in your situation.

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