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So when I signed up for this I knew it was a monthly subscription and that yo have to skip a month before the 5th. But as a busy professional I let it slip a couple months I didn't find anything I liked.

So I called to request they stop billing my card monthly because I wanted to use my 2 credits up before they started charging me again. And in all honestly I dont need a new pair of shoes every month. So after waiting on hold for 20 minuets I finally got someone and she said ok we have taken your credit card off. She warns me that my credits wont expire for a year but to use it before then or I will lose them.

Ok sure thats fine. However today when I logged into the website to browse to see if there was anything I wanted I got a message saying my account was deactivated... my whole account was deactivated which means I cant even log on to browse their selection. And they have $60 of my dollars with out even sending me a single item.

WTF. Going to have to call again wait for half an hour and hopefully set this straight.

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It is a free subscription....???? Why were you paying a monthly fee???

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