Do not order anything from Shoedazzle.com. Consumers Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This company is running a scam!! In the fall of 2010, I ordered a pair of shoes from them on line. Since then they have charged my credit card 3 times in the amount of $39.95 each time.

I did not order anything further from them, yet they went ahead and charged my account. They claim when I ordered that one pair of shoes I agreed to a membership. ***!

They claim that they can charge me because I should have ordered more shoes

when they sent me emails. Because I signed up for a membership, they are entitled to charge my account weather I purchased anything or not!! What??

I deleted their emails thinking it was just another add to buy more shoes

My credit card is checking into my dispute but Shoedazzle says what they did was perfectly legal. Who else can I complain to?? Please help!!!!

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Shoe dazzle been taking 39.95 out of my debit card for months.I have talked to them more than once

Was suppose to stop but hasn't.it's crazy try I forget this stopped

Rice Lake, Wisconsin, United States #1231668

You must not have read the fine print. When you sign up for the VIP Membership, you get credits every month. They charge you and it makes the prices cheaper, and you can pay with credits instead of using your card every time.


All the shoe fanatics out there that don't mind having a *** membership for SHOES (how pathetic is that?...), enjoy your crappy pair of shoes EVERY MONTH. I would never imagine that companies would do such a thing and trick you into a membership for shoes with their fine print.

I do think they should send you an email every month, informing you about a charge in advance, so you have time to skip it/cancel it or whatever it is.

Companies that don't bother to do such a thing to me are automatically a scam. If you really believe in a quality of your service, you don't need to TRICK people into signing up for it, simple as that.


ummm i do somewhat have to agree with the girl who submitted this review. they are sort of sneaky about letting you know that they will be charging your account.

at the same time this gives you rewards that you can than use later and buy up as many shoes as they have taken out of your account yay! but at the same time for the girl who maybe over a year ago put "hello they are 40 dollar shoes" i want to just say that everyone cannot afford 40 dollar shoes. its rude of you to even say something soooo air headed. i for one prefer to spend money on other things buy be assured that I'm all about shopping for "good" on sale at that price.

from the shoes i have received, they are ok but nothing like the designer sales i get else where. that girl needs to shut up seriously


I almost bought a pair today til I read the policy...the box there that you have to checkmark that says that "I agree to the terms & conditions" & believe it or not I actually DO read it. I want to know what I'm getting myself into so to the poster that's complaining about getting charged...yes I've been in the same situation but I make it a point now that I actually read everything before I commit to the purchase...I did learn from my past mistakes & no, I did not purchase from them...I know I'd forget to skip the month. I too saw the 'new policy' they have but it still says in the terms I'll get charged so until that is taken off, I won't purchase, no matter how badly I want those shoes.


This whole thing has been very helpful, I've been doing research on shoe dazzle because I just absolutely love their shoes. I just wasn't sure how it worked and I was afraid to get commited to something I wasn't sure how it worked. Thanks ya'll!

:cry Awww poor baby try reading the emails next time . As shoe as you order your first pair of shoes they send you an email :roll stating that if you don't want to be charged for that month you need to go to the website before the 5th of each month and just skip the month and yes it does work that way I too am a busy professional and a mother so I stay pretty busy and I had to skip a few months and had no problem and no surprise charges I mean come on it only takes a minute to go to the site and press the skip button :roll .

An as for the customer service they were great and very helpful.

And for the record they have changed their policy now you don't even have to go to the site and skip a month now the only time you will get charged is if you actually order something . I love shoe dazzle and will continue to use them.

Hey "Reading is STILL Fundamental",,, Ummmm those little credits that are "just sitting there",, did you not notice that the money for those "little credits just sitting there" has been taken out of your bank account or credit card has been charged that you gave them in the beginning? And you cannot get it back!

You sound like an airhead!

And the shoes are super cheap, in every way!




I love my shoes from shoedazzle. I am an absolute shoe fanatic.

I have a cloeset strictly for my shoes, but that is neither here nor there. What alarms me is the number of peopele who don't read before they click the little box and agree to a contract. Sure, I forget to skip a month, but my credits are always there and I never have problem, just picking out my shoes. I've seen posts saying the shoes are of low quality, but so are the vast majority of the shoes you people purchase hapiily out of payless and the like.

Unless you are buying D&G's or something you can't expect everything to be perfect. I however, have never had a problem with any of the shoes I purchased from there and I have been a member for 2 years this coming August. A for the whining over the price; are you seriously whining about $40 shoes? Really?

Get over it, they are 39.99 with free shipping, free returns, with great customer service, and they are of nice quality. I've never had a problem, but then again i'm not trying to run marathons or wear the same shoe every day either.

Smh.. Reading is still fundamental.


I joined just fab first and the shoes were of poor quality and the customer service was horrible! it took me 1 month to get a pair of shoes, so I cancelled.

I then joined Shoedazzle and I had lots of friends who were already on there so I knew I had to skip by the 5th or else I would be charged.

I'm a shoe fanatic anyway, so I just let it charge my card and I can purchase shoes whenever I want. Their customer service is great and I have not had not 1 mishap in over a year.


im a girl that love eatin ***


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As Audra has said, if you not skip a month by the 5th then Shoedazzle charges your credit cart, however, you DO NOT lose out on the charge really, your account will be credited so you can use the credit to order 1 pair of shoes. I have been charged a couple of times before and always had the credits available anyway.

SO bottomline is Shoedazzle is NOT a scam.

Their customer service is the best I have dealt with so far. Keep up the good work


I wish I WOULD pay $40 for some website membership! And for those of you attacking her for not reading every word of the policy, just stfu!

Trying to pretend you read every word of every policy.

I would demand a refund too. Try Just Fab.


i just ordered my first pair and im very satisfied.


It always boggles my mind how many people have had this same complaint. reading is fundamental, people!

When you buy your first pair of shoes, they send you a note that clearly states you need to select skip the month if you do not want to be charged. the fact that people are calling Shoedazzle a fraud because they cannot be bothered to read is laughable. I bought my first pari and I love them! I'm about to buy another pair today.

$40 is an swesome price for the shoe hound. So what if the shoes aren't name brand, I got tired of paying for the name anyway. Considering how quickly fashion can change, I am happy to have shoedazzle, this way, if my dog eats my shoes or I forget them at a house party, I'm not as upset as when it happens to my $70 Guess Shoes.

Point is, it's a good deal and if you can take the time to read the information (I mean, they have an FAQ section, for Pete's sake!) it's a good deal. It comes up to roughly $500 a year for shoes - now that, I can live with!

Mill Creek, Washington, United States #335829
:cry me a river!! next time read before you agree to a contact...

thats what all these things on line are. simply read before you decide to hit the agree box duhhhh :grin its not rocket science :zzz

You have to click on "skip the month" for months when you don't want shoes. That will turn off the charge for that month.

Quality-wise, they're not leather, but they're not priced like leather, either. They're better quality than most shoes made from all man-made materials. You could spend less at Wally world, but not for the same style and quality. Shoedazzly is good for dressy, interesting shoes without breaking the bank.

Also, I don't think the positive reviews come from affiliate accounts. People who have wondered if having an affiliate program is creating an artificial number of positive reviews should try to get into Shoedazzle's affiliate program themselves - they're picky.


I tried to look for shoedazzle reviews bc I found their shoes so terrible but most reviews on blogs and websites are positive. They're also running an affiliate program so I wonder if there's any connection!

Hmm? These shoes are not worth 40$! For that price you can get a nice pair of leather shoes $4 is more like it for the quality you get at shoedazzle. If you people are really OK with overpaying for non-leather, cheapo, made in China at a sweatshop shoes that you can find for much cheaper elsewhere, go for it!

Wow, the shoes I got were so bad, I use it decoratively to store pens on my desk. I could never wear something so tackily made.


i bought a groupon so i had credits with them. when i made my first purchase, i used my credits and then called to verify that my credits were used instead of my card.

well i get my statement and the fuckas charged my card.

there returned the money but only returned a portion. super pissed

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