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On september 10th 2016 i had a charge for $39.95 come off my debit card from and i did not purchase or authorize a purchase from them not in the last five years any way .im on SSI and was homeless in september living on the streets why would i need spiked heels living there

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Shoe Dazzle is a scam. I placed an order and got a failed payment authorization so I resubmitted the payment because I'm thinking I put the wrong number in and got another noticed. So I checked my account and they put a hold not one but two on my acccount even though the order did not go through. I called customer service twice and spoke with two different representatives and neither could give a valid reason why card was charged but the order... Read more

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I had not had ANY problems with SHOEDAZZLE until recently. I have ordered a LOT of boots and shoes but discovered I need to buy them a size larger than I normally wear but that is not a problem. If I received a pair I didn't like or were not what I expected, I sent them back and was credited back to my cart so I could continue to order. I like the BOGO sales as well. The ONLY problem I am having at this time is, I have over $200 in credits... Read more

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So I had ordered a pair of boots and a blouse on october 3, 2016 it said it was pending until today october 10, 2016 it said it was cancelled.. I hadn't cancelled my purchase but it still took the price of the CANCELLED items off of my card and I had not recieved any credit or refunds back.. I had over $80 left on ny card when I had ordered the items for $46.95

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I order a pair of Boots like the boots but they cost to much will stay with JustFab Read more

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I'm pissed! I ordered shoes in December of 2015, didnt have money on my prepaid card, and forgot. In February someone loaded my card i didnt know and shoedazzle charged me $39.95. I called to cancel and tried to get a refund, and the woman who spoke broken English, dodged my request for about 15 mins. Finally i agreed to keep the money as a credit to buy shoes at a future time. (Why not) fast forward to may.. went to buy shoes for a... Read more

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Upon receiving my credit card bill I noticed a "purchase" at Showdazzle? I have not bought anything from them in about 2 years because the ones I had bought were too narrow and they would not allow me to return them. Today there's a charge? There was a phone number on my bill along with their name, so I called them. Jay at customer service stated that I had been paying this charge for a few months and that it was my VIP status? He said I must... Read more

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Shoedazzle Vip Membership Review from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Why is it that when I see the price of a shoe in my showroom it's COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the price at checkout? Also once my credits are added the remaining balance doesn't add up and once my payment is confirmed it shows that you've take a HIGHER AMOUNT out of my account! I've been with ShoeDazzle since the beginning in 08 and it just seems like this company get more and more shady and untrustworthy year after year. I think I'm going to... Read more

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I love the shoes although when they first started had 100% cuter shoes. Now they are just ok. But what i dont like is everytime yu stop to look at shoe on line they take yu right back to page 1. Very time consuming. Yu have to spend all day looking for shoes. I dont have the time anymore. It seems like they dont have the money to have a technician fix that.

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I never had a problem with shoedazzle and they would email me if there delayed in shipping. Also in the fine print it says they will bill you monthly $ 39.99 a month if you don't skip on the 1st to the 5th of each month I don't see how shoedazzle is getting blamed when it's rite there in print also they ship threw Fed ex and then your local post office delivers it .the problem is no one is reading the print when you first sign up you get to... Read more

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